Rice Wine by the Railway - Ray Quan Bar

We sample the rice wine and pork sausage and watch the trains at Hanoi’s atmospheric Ray Quan Bar, situated right next to the railway tracks.

Keep Hanoi Clean on Kitchen God Day

HOTTABLE’s Gerry Flynn catches up with James Joseph Kendall from Keep Hanoi Clean on Kitchen God Day, where a clean up operation is taking place.

The Dragon Chickens of Dong Tao

With their scaly, bulky legs, these dragon chickens look like they could tear you apart. We meet a farmer who raises these colossal chooks in a Red River Delta district commune outside of Hanoi.

Blood, Bile and Boners at Snake Village

“It depends on the person, but usually you have between 20 minutes to an hour to get to the hospital,” Dragon explains with an unnaturally cheery smile.

Meet Thao - Hanoi’s Eating Contest Champion

Thao stunned all present in a matter of minutes and devoured everything faster than a British Conservative MP with an expense account.

Behind the Decks with Ouissam Mokretar at Savage Nightclub

Gerry Flynn takes a sneak peek behind the decks for an exclusive look into Tay Ho’s only nightclub – Savage.

Quest Festival 2017

HOTTABLE speaks to Mark Harris, creative director of Vietnam’s premiere camping, music, arts and nature festival: Quest. Explore the festival and check out the 2017 lineup.


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