[In Photos] Manzi – Hanoi’s Hidden Café Founded by an Artist for Artists

Manzi Cafe

A stylish café-cum-art gallery, Manzi (14 Phan Huy Ich, Nguydn Trung Truc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi) is a pristine, polished spot perfect for the budding artist within.

Manzi Hanoi

The white walls are attentively adorned with sketches and paintings, and the sleek wooden chairs complement the chic vibe.

Manzi Hanoi

Manzi Hanoi

Owner Ms Tram, herself the daughter of a visual artist and an art curator, encourages young artists, both local and foreign, to use the space to sell their work or display it in the frequently held exhibitions.

Manzi Hanoi

Head upstairs and you’ll find a floor where creativity is flourishing.

Manzi Hanoi

Manzi Hanoi

Manzi Hanoi

Skip the coffee and dive into the Manzi specials. Their homemade passion fruit soda in particular is to die for.


Manzi Hanoi

© HOT TABLE Photography by Julia Solervicens.

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