Netflix’s Ugly Delicious Chef Nikky Tran Will Open Two New Viet-Cajun Ventures Next Month

Nikky Tran interviewing

Nikky Tran.

It seems like the epicures of Saigon can’t get enough of Viejun cuisine. First introduced by Nikky Tran’s Cau Ba Quan on Hoang Sa street, the fusion has become so popular that Tran has decided to open two new restaurants. The first of two, Kau Ba Oyster Bar & Viejun Kitchen will open on Thai Van Lung this June. Tran’s acclaimed Cau Ba Quan is famous for blending Viet-Cajun influences with local Vietnamese seafood and ingredients. However, the new Saigon venture will incorporate more Cajun methods and Southern roots, according to Tran.

Viejun cuisine

Cau Ba Quan’s Viejun food. The Happy Salad (left) and giant river prawns (right).

“At the Hoang Sa place, we only have the shrimps and the clams cooked in the Cajun style,” explains Tran. “Even the gumbo isn’t on the menu. You have to order it directly from the kitchen, however, Kau Ba’s menu will feature most of my specialities – gumbo, crawfish, and other seafood dishes.”

Situated on the second floor of a building at the intersection between Thai Van Lung and Le Thanh Ton, the restaurant will combine an all-you-can-eat oyster bar and Texan BBQ joint. Although the venue is still under construction in preparation for its soft opening some time in mid-June, Tran is offering friends and fans alike the chance to try her new dishes at the beginning of June.

Squid - Viejun

Squid served at Cau Ba Quan.

Around the same time this year, Tran will also debut her first restaurant across the pond in Houston, Texas. Despite not being open yet, her first American venture – Kau Ba Saigon Kitchen – has already received support from award-winning Houston-based chef Chris Shepherd, who has previously visited Hoang Sa’s Cau Ba.

It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that Tran’s Viejun dishes are taking over the world with a breakneck speed. Stay tuned.

Nikky Tran

Vietnamese Gumbo

Vietnamese Gumbo – © HOT TABLE. All photography by Yves Schiepek.

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